Prodigy Coaching Alumni and Current Team Members

(Current season PCG athletes highlighted in bold and italics. Some current PCG members are not listed due to privacy concerns)

Paula Aleman -- 400m hurdles, training with Mexico National Team in Tijuana, Mexico

Marcel Allmond -- Scholarship Athlete USC; 110m hurdles, Decathlon and Football. Decathlon Pan Am Jr. Silver medalist. Played NFL 2 seasons.

Antony Ardis -- Scholarship Athlete UC Davis; 100m, 200m, relays. CIF San Diego Section Champion in 100m & 200m.

Ross Blanchard -- 110m hurdle specialist. Graduate of Redlands University. Training for Great Britain Team.

Ronald Brookins -- Scholarship Athlete Sacramento State University; 110m hurdle and Long Jump.

Gordon Bugg -- Scholarship Athlete Arizona State; 400m hurdles (49.30). Competed on international team and abroad.

Michelle Edwards-Campbell -- Scholarship Athlete Azusa Pacific University; 100m hurdles. Competed for Britain in IAAF World Championships.

Pam Castro -- 800m, competed for Southwestern College. Attends University of California at San Diego. Retired

Sau Ying Chan -- Scholarship Athlete USC; 100m hurdles, Olympian competed for Hong Kong. Former Asian record holder (13.31)

Jessica Chavez -- 200m, 400m, 400m hurdles, competed for Southwestern College.

Darnell Crawford -- Scholarship Athlete Concordia University; 100m, 200m and relays.

Mark Crear -- Scholarship Athlete USC; 110m hurdles (12.98). Two-time Olympic medalist. 1996 Atlanta Games Silver, Athens Games Bronze.

Alexis Ferebee -- Scholarship Athlete Alabama State University; 100m, 200m, 400m, relays. Winner of conference athlete of year.

Melinda Hudlin -- Scholarship Athlete San Diego State University; 100m, 200m relays. All-American, Internationally ranked.

Sarah Garces -- 400m CIF finalist. Attends Loyola Marymount of Chicago. Retired.

Rashan Guillory -- Scholarship Athlete New Mexico Highlands University; 100m hurdles (14.20)

Casey Hagen -- Scholarship Athlete Western State Colorado University; 100m, 200m, 100m hurdles. USA Paralympic guide runner alternate.

Kassidy Harper -- 100m, 200m. CIF San Diego section finalist.

Glenn Heinrich -- 110m hurdles. Northern California state high school championship qualifier.

Richard Holmes -- Scholarship Athlete Fresno State University; 110m hurdles (14.07). Nationally ranked Masters Athlete and coach.

Tony House -- 110m hurdles (13.88). Competed for California State University of Los Angeles.

Vanessa Houston -- Scholarship Athlete University of California Irvine, Sacramento State; 100m, 200m, relays.

Antonie Jackson -- 100m, 200m, 400m. Competed for Mesa College in San Diego.

Alex Jones -- 400m (51.73). CIF San Diego Finalist. Attends USC. Retired

Gerald Kemp -- Scholarship Athlete Montana State; QB, WR. Undrafted free agent member of Seattle Seahawks 1-season.

Vanessa Klosterman -- 100m, 200m, relays. CIF San Diego Finalist. Attends Colorado State University retired.

McKenna Kurz -- Scholarship Athlete Cal Berkley; 100m hurdles, Former world-class gymnast turned track athlete. Now on Cal dive team.

Kayla Lawson -- Scholarship Athlete Chico State; 100m, 200m, relays. CIF 200m Champion and state qualifier.

Tong Li - Scholarship Athlete Washington State University; 110m hurdles. Former Asian record holder. Two time China Olympic team member.

Sydney Magdelena -- Scholarship Athlete Cal Poly San Luis Obispo; 100m hurdles, 400m hurdles. CIF San Diego Finalist.

Shane Martin -- Scholarship Athlete Mississippi Valley State University; 110m hurdles. CIF San Diego section Champion.

Mike Mateljian -- Scholarship Athlete University of Washington; 110m hurdles. CIF San Diego section finalist.

Jalen Mondane -- Scholarship Athlete Northern Arizona University; 100m, 200m, relays. CIF San Diego section finalist.

Dan Moore -- Scholarship Athlete Montana State; Fullback. Drafted by Indianapolis Colts

Kenyon Morris -- 200, 400m (48.53). Competed for Mesa College of San Diego.

Kevin Ottwright -- Scholarship Athlete California State University of San Marcos; 200m, 400m hurdles. Nationally ranked.

Chase Peterson -- 400m hurdles (52.20); CIF San Diego silver medalist. Competed for USC. Winner of UCLA v USC 400m hurdles

Kevin Powell -- Scholarship Athlete University of California Irvine; 110m hurdles.

Diane Pullins -- 200m, 400m. Nationally ranked.

Jenna Puterbaugh -- Scholarship Athlete USC; 100m, 200m, Relays. CIF San Diego Section Champion in 100m & 200m.

Robert Reading -- Scholarship Athlete USC; 110m hurdles (13.36). NCAA Outdoor Champion. Internationally ranked.

Dario Robinson -- 200m, 400m. Nationally ranked.

Nate Ross -- Scholarship Athlete Chadron State University; WR, free agent.

Jabin Sambrano -- Scholarship Athlete Montana State University; WR, drafted by Indianapolis Colts. Currently with Atlanta Falcons.

Roland "Jay" Slade -- Scholarship Athlete California State University San Marcos; 100m, 200m. Guide-runner USA Paralympic Team.

Tiffany Smith -- Scholarship Athlete UCLA; 100m hurdles, Pole vault. Former nationally ranked vaulter.

Tenielle Stoudimire -- Scholarship Athlete Georgetown University; 100m, 200m, 400m. CIF San Diego section Champion in 100m and 200m.

Danny Sullivan -- Scholarship Athlete Cal Lutheran College; 400m.

Yasmina Taketa -- 100m, Long Jump. Attended Mesa College in San Diego

Emani Truluck -- Scholarship Athlete University of California; 400m hurdles, 100m hurdles (13.62). NCAA Championship Finalist.

Katie Walker -- 100m USA Paralympian. Formerly played softball for Ohio State University. Nationally and Internationally ranked.

James Woods -- 200m, 400m. Currently attends Southwestern College.

Drew Pitcarin --  Scholarship Athletic Praire View A & M; 200m, 400m, HJ, 100m.

Wynton Bernard -- Outfielder, Detroit Tigers - Drafted by the San Diego Padres in 2012 MLB June Amateur Draft from Niagara University.