Sponsorship Opportunities Available Now! 

Prodigy Coaching is always looking for charitable individuals looking to help our athletic-youth that are training hard each day to achieve their athletic dreams. We are looking for individuals and corporations who would be willing to sponsor an athlete,  the training group, aid in facility rental or simply help purchase training equipment for the team or athlete.

The majority of Prodigy Coaching Group athletes are of limited financial means and have few resources to pay for training. For many of those athletes, Prodigy Coaching staff has agreed to waive monthly fees to allow the athlete to continue to train and strive towards their goals. In exchange, we at Prodigy Coaching require our athletes to "pay it forward" by reaching out in their communities by doing volunteer work, tutoring or peer mentoring of younger aspiring athletes.

Sponsors of PCG enjoy the satisfaction that they are making a difference in a young person's life. Our athletes have joined sponsors at corporate functions and helped with company events. If you would like to know more about becoming a Prodigy Coaching Group individual or team sponsor, please Contact Us and we will help you get started.

Thank you in advance,

Tonie Campbell, Founder PCG