"Best Coach I've had. Knows my strengths and weaknesses, because of him I'm a stronger athlete. 60.35 in the 400m hurdles!" -- Paula Aleman

"Best Coach I've ever had. Period." -- Sydney Magdalena

"The best coach there is, got me where I wanted to go not just in track but life." -- Darnell Crawford

"Train in America's finest city, with one of America's finest track legends. Doesn't get much better than that!" -- Brian Sims

"Fantastic!!!" --Pete Keys Jr.

"Training with Tonie Campbell changed my life. When fast became faster with implemented techniques, I knew that my game was going to another level. I thank Tonie Campbell for helping me grow, not just in my game, but as a man as well" -- Nate Ross

"Every competitive athlete desires to perform at their best. Tonie Campbell knows what that takes. He is professional, detailed, and dedicated to making his athletes better. Training with TC was the best decision I made as I have improved my overall speed endurance, power, and bio-mechanics. I'm so thankful for training with Tonie Campbell as I continue to pursue my athletic dreams. He helped and encouraged me to reach heights I didn't even know I was capable of. Thanks TC!" -- Gerald Kemp